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Figure 11.9 Marine reserves in the territorial sea by Coastal Biogeographic Regions Classification

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Note: Some marine reserves appear to be on land, but they are in bays or fiords, such as the 10 marine reserves in the Fiordland Marine Area.

Data source: Department of Conservation.

Text description of figure

The Coastal Biogeographic Regions Classification divides New Zealand’s territorial sea into 13 regions. Figure 11.9 shows the location of these regions and overlays where New Zealand’s marine reserves area. The 13 regions are Kermadec Islands, Three Kings Islands, North Eastern (North Island), Western North Island, Eastern North Island, North Cook Strait, South Cook Strait, East Coast South Island, West Coast South Island, Southern, Chatham Islands, Snares Islands, Subantartic Islands. The Subantartic Islands region is made up of 4 sub-regions which are Campbell Island, the Auckland Islands, the Antipodes Islands and the Bounty Islands.

Number of marine reserves are in each region:

  • Kermadec Islands: 1
  • Three Kings Islands: 0
  • North Eastern: 9
  • Western North Island: 1
  • Eastern North Island: 2
  • North Cook Strait: 1
  • South Cook Strait: 4
  • East Coast South Island: 1
  • West Coast South Island: 0
  • Southern: 11?
  • Chatham Islands: 0
  • Snares Islands: 0
  • Subantartic Islands: 1