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2 Process and methodology

To carry out this task most effectively a template was established, comprising a list of 23 criteria to consider when evaluating heating options, such as issues relating to fuel supply, capital and operating costs and emissions. This template was then applied to each of the 20 heating options considered in this analysis.

Contact was made with a number of individuals and organisations known to have expertise in the area of home heating (see Appendix 1). From these contacts and from our own knowledge of relevant documentation on heating, a list of documents on heating was identified. These documents are included in the Bibliography and References.

Using these documents, and questions directed to various heating experts, the template was completed as far as practicable for each of the heating options. The results are included in Section 4.

Section 5 includes a discussion of various relevant factors in relation to the selection and use of preferred heating options. Any gaps identified in the currently available information are also noted.

Appendix 2 contains more detailed data on the costs, emissions and efficiencies of all the heating options considered in this study, as well as graphs showing the relative operating costs of the various options.

While the focus of this phase of the work was on the review of existing literature, future phases of the project were kept in mind in terms of information that could be useful for modelling and case studies.

All costs given in Section 4 and Appendix 2 of this report are GST inclusive, and all capital costs are on the basis of installed costs.