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This guidance manual was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment and is based on a report prepared by Ross Woods, Brett Mullan, Graeme Smart, Helen Rouse, Michele Hollis, Alistair McKerchar, Richard Ibbitt, Sam Dean, and Daniel Collins, National Institute of Water and Atmosphere.

Comments on the guidance manual were provided by Tim Davin (IPENZ), Brin Williman (MDC), Charles Wilmot (IPENZ), Tony Miller (GHD), Terry Day (CAE), Tracy Ayre (IPENZ), Gary Macdonald (BECA), Graham Levy (BECA), Sue-Ellen Fenelon (BECA), Greg Ryan (EW), Kim Wright (GNS), Wendy Saunders (GNS), Andrew Tait (NIWA), Rouse et al (NIWA), Jane Puddephatt (MWH), Trecia Smith (MAF), Helen Grant (ECAN) and Tony Oliver (ECAN).