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Chart 10: Changes to the net position by sector (Million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent)

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Chart 10 shows the changes to the net position since the May 2005 net position update. In December 2005 the net position deficit increased by 13.1 million units with the decision not to proceed with the carbon tax, and 14.7 million units with the latest information on deforestation. In the May 2006 net position report the net position deficit was revised as follows:

  • waste emissions increased 1.2 million units with the revision to waste emissions projections methodology
  • solvents and other product use emissions projections were introduced for the first time in the net position calculation and this added 0.3 million units
  • emissions from energy and industrial processes reduced the projected deficit by 14.5 million
  • agricultural emission projections were reduced by 3.2 million units, and revised forest sinks estimates reduced the net position deficit by a further 1.9 million units
  • the statistical modelling effect increased the net position deficit by 5.5 million units in 2005. If statistical modelling were used again in 2006 the statistical effect would lower the projected net position deficit by 2.7 million units.