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New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme Review 2015/16: Summary of stage one priority issues consultation responses

Publication date:  July 2016
Publication reference number:  ME 1237

This document provides a summary of consultation responses to stage one of the 2015/16 review of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme.

Stage one focused on two priority matters:

  • moving to full surrender obligations for the liquid fossil fuels, industrial processes, stationary energy and waste sectors
  • managing the costs of those sectors moving to full surrender obligations.

The Government sought submissions on how changes to the priority matters would impact individuals, communities, businesses and other organisations.

Consultation on priority matters took place between 24 November 2015 and 19 February 2016.

View the submissions

See the outcome of stage one of the review on priority issues.

The remaining issues under review were allocated a longer time for consultation and a summary of those consultation responses will be published at a later date.