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Measuring Emissions: 2020 Quick Guide

Publication date:  December 2020
Publication reference number:  ME 1526

This is the eleventh version of the publication previously titled Guidance for Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reporting. This Quick Guide is part of a suite of eight documents that comprise Measuring Emissions: A Guide for Organisations. It is for New Zealand-based organisations wishing to self-report their greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages best practice in greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting.

It explains how to produce an inventory, provides the latest emissions factors for common sources of emissions in New Zealand (based on New Zealand's latest GHG inventory), enables organisations to easily calculate their emissions through an interactive spreadsheet, and provides examples to show what a GHG inventory and GHG report look like.

The Quick Guide is the go-to document explaining what has changed since the last update, how to produce an inventory, and what data you need to collect to work out emissions from your activities.

Suite of documents

2020 Detailed Guide For users who need to know the methodologies used to work out the emission factors for each emission source
2020 Emission Factors Summary Quick look up tables providing the main emission factors for each emission source
2020 Interactive Workbook You can use this spreadsheet to work out your organisation’s emissions and produce an inventory
2020 Emission Factors Workbook As above but in excel format across multiple tabs
2020 Emission Factors Flat File Simple one page excel format for integration with software
Example GHG Report Shows what a finished inventory report might look like
Example GHG Inventory Shows what a finished inventory might look like

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