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Hydrofluorocarbon consumption in New Zealand

Publication date:  August 2018
Publication reference number:  CR 293

This report investigates the consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) in New Zealand and projects demand for HFCs to 2030. HFCs are a group of synthetic greenhouse gases with high global warming potentials. In New Zealand HFCs are used mainly in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Note that the report estimates HFC consumption in New Zealand in 2016 as 1300 kt CO2-eq. Actual 2016 consumption was 1979.1 kt CO2-eq (source: New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Inventory 1990–2016). As a part of continuous inventory improvement and in line with the UNFCCC rules, all inventory numbers for all years from 1990 will be updated in April 2019.

The Ministry for the Environment commissioned this report from Expert Group.