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Process for submissions

Submissions on the package of draft regulations and issues outlined in this bulletin are welcomed by 5pm on 13 July 2009. Submissions, together with further engagement with stakeholders, will inform any further changes to regulations to be made before 1 October 2009 when regulations are due to be finalised.

Submissions can be made as follows:

Draft regulations can be viewed by visiting

All the material proposed to be incorporated by reference, is available for inspection free of charge on week days between 9am and 5pm from 3 June 2009 to 13 July 2009 at:

  • the Ministry of Economic Development’s head office at Ground Floor, 33 Bowen St, Wellington, phone (04) 472 0030

  • the Government Urban and Economic Development Office at Level 6, Tower Centre,
    45 Queen Street, Auckland, phone (09) 985 4800

  • the Companies Office at the Southern Business Centre, 55 Wordsworth Street, Sydenham, Christchurch, phone (03) 962 2600.

All materials may be bought directly from Standards New Zealand, Radio New Zealand House, Level 10, 155 The Terrace, Private Bag 2439, Wellington or online at

As at the date of this bulletin, the Aluminium Sector Greenhouse Gas Protocol is available online free of charge at and the USEPA standards references are also available online free of charge at

Further engagement

Further work will be undertaken on thresholds and exemptions under section 60 of the Act. Officials will engage with companies in the refining, coal, geothermal and waste sectors to conduct targeted consultation on these exemption and threshold proposals.

Application and emissions return forms and supporting guidance materials are also being developed to help participants meet their obligations under the NZ ETS. This includes the standards and guidelines on measurement referred to above.

Officials welcome the involvement of participants in the development of these standards and guidance materials. At its first meeting in late May, the SEIP Implementation Technical Advisory Group provided guidance on the structure and content of a series of industry-specific workshops to test and refine application and registration processes and requirements for data collection and emissions reporting. These workshops will be held in late June and early July.

More information

For further information about any of the three draft regulations, or about stationary energy and industrial processes participants under the NZ ETS, refer to the Framework for a New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme at or call 0800 CLIMATE (0800 254 628) or send an email to


Submitters should be aware that all submissions will be made publicly available on this website. People are able to provide material to officials marked "Commercial: In Confidence" which will not be published on this website. However, any such material remains subject to the Official Information Act. The OIA sets out the thresholds for withholding commercially sensitive information but also requires any particular public interest in the information to be taken into account by officials making decisions on OIA requests.