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Figure A3.9: Change by 2090 in mean sea-level pressure (in hPa) for summer (left) and winter (right), averaged over 12 climate models

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The figure has two maps showing the Australia, Indonesia, and NZ region. It depicts the summer and winter mean sea level pressure changes expected by 2090, from an average of 12 models. The summer pattern shows a decrease in mean sea level pressure south of 60S (-2 hPa at 60S, decreasing to -4 hPa at 80S), with increases further north. The increases have a maximum band at around 45 to 50S of around +4 hPa, and this decreases to less than 1 hPa change in the tropics.

The plot for the winter 2090 changes shows decreases in pressures south of NZ, and increase north of 50S.  These increases have a maximum around 35S (just north of NZ) of around 3 hPA, decreasing to near zero in the tropics.