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Climate change case study: Assessment of the impacts of sea level rise on floodplain management planning for the Avon river

Publication date:  December 2003
Publication reference number:  No number

As part of its portfolio of climate change work, the New Zealand Climate Change Office (CCO) within the Ministry for the Environment (MfE) has begun a programme to assist regional councils and territorial authorities to better understand and take into account climate change effects when carrying out their day to day operations. In particular, the programme aims to develop guidance materials for local authorities to assist them in assessing and managing the risks of climate change in their planning processes.

This report was commissioned to investigate the impact of climate change induced sea level rise on risk management planning for the Avon catchment and associated coastal areas. While this report is geographically specific in its scope, it is expected that many of the issues, challenges, and methodologies relating to coastal hazard planning within a climate change framework presented here will also be applicable in other regions and catchments.

This report was prepared by Harris Consulting in conjunction with Christchurch City Council.