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Figure 3.1:

Annual temperatures at Chatham Islands, for historical period 1940-2004, and extrapolation to 2100: observed annual temperatures (black solid line), smoothed trend (red line), extrapolation of line 1939-2004 trend from 2004 to 2100 (black dotted line), total IPCC range by 2100 (red vertical bar)

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All temperatures are shown as deviation in °C from the 1971-2000 normal.

Text description of figure

The figure is a line graph of the deviation in Chatham Islands annual temperature from the 1971-2000 normal, for the period of 1939-2004. The trend line shows a warming during this period of nearly 1°C. The horizontal time axis is extended out to 2100, with the projected IPCC range at 2100 presented by a vertical line from 0.5°C to 4.0°C above the 1971-2000 normal. Extrapolating the historical (1939-2004) linear trend produces an IPCC mid-range warming of just over 1.5°C at 2100.