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New Zealand's Greenhouse Gas Inventory: 1990–2010

Publication date:  April 2012
Publication reference number:  ME 1095

This is New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory report for 1990 – 2010. New Zealand’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory is the official annual report of all human-caused emissions and removals of greenhouse gases in New Zealand and is a Tier 1 statistic. The inventory measures New Zealand’s progress against its obligations under the Kyoto Protocol as well as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The inventory reports the emissions and removals of greenhouse gases from six sectors: energy; industrial processes; solvents; agriculture; land use, land-use change and forestry; and waste. 

In 1990, New Zealand’s total greenhouse gas emissions were 59,643.1 gigagrams carbon dioxide equivalent (Gg CO2-e). In 2011, total greenhouse gas emissions had increased by 13,191.9 Gg CO2-e (22.1 per cent) from 1990 levels to 72,834.9 Gg CO2-e. The four emission sources that contributed the most to this increase in total emissions were dairy enteric fermentation, road transport, agricultural soils, and consumption of hydrofluorcarbons.

In 2011, net removals under Article 3.3 of the Kyoto Protocol were 16,765.5 Gg CO2-e from land subject to afforestation, reforestation and deforestation.

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