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Appendix D: Sources of Helpful Information

Source Provider or publisher Material Website or author
Technology Transfer Network
Office of Air Quality Planing and Standards (US EPA) Collection of related Web sites containing information about many areas of air pollution science, technology, regulation, measurement and prevention.
To search the TNN Web:
Clearinghouse for Inventories and Emission Factors
US EPA Emission factor and inventory information, tools and software, publications, conference proceedings, related sites
Support Centre for Regulatory Air Models
US EPA Modellers forums, FAQs, model code and support, conference proceedings, related sites
Modelling Helpdesk Casella-Stanger and Department for Food Environmental and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) UK FAQs, toolkits and reports JointProjects/DEFRA-Home.asp? jointprojectid=7
Air Quality, Emissions, and Modelling California Air Resources Board Emissions inventories and air quality models, and glossary of terms
Glossary of terms found at:
Air Quality Modelling Forum Western Region Air Partnership (WRAP) (US) WRAP aims to develop data, tools, and policies needed to improve air quality index.html
Model Documentation System European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change Aims to provide guidance to any model user in the selection of the most appropriate model for a specific application databases/ mds.html
TAPM CSIRO Description, documentation, availability and support for TAPM
CALMET-CALPUFF Earthtech Description, documentation, availability and support for CALMET and CALPUFF htm
Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes National Environmental Research Institute Denmark Workshop and conference proceedings, model validation kit, tools for dispersion modelling
Open Directory Open Project Directory Comprehensive and interesting list of air quality modelling resources Air_Quality/ Air_Dispersion_Modeling/ Software/
National Climate Database NIWA New Zealand's national repository of high-quality climate data
Terralink Terralink International Provider of land information
Handbook on Atmospheric Diffusion Technical Information Center, US Department of Energy Textbook Hanna SR, Briggs GA, Hosker RP, 1982.
Prepared for the Office of Health and Environmental Research, Office of Energy Research, US Department of Energy
Document number DOE/TIC-11223 (DE82002045)
Fundamentals of Atmospheric Modelling Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK. Textbook Jacobson MZ, 1999
ISBN 0521637171
Workbook of Atmospheric Dispersion Estimates National Technical Information Service, Springfield VA, USA Textbook Turner DB, 1970
Fundamentals of Stack Gas Dispersion
(Ed 3)
Milton R Beychock, 2233 Martin Street, Unit 205, Irvine, CA92612 Textbook Beychock MR, 1994
ISBN 0-9644588-0-2
Turbulence and Diffusion in the Atmosphere, Lectures in Environmental Sciences Springer Textbook Blackadar AK, 1996
ISBN 3-540-61406-0
Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Compliance Guide McGraw-Hill Textbook Schnelle KB, Dey PR, 2000
ISBN 0-07-058065-0
Modelling Special Interest Group (ModSIG) Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand The primary purpose of ModSIG is to bring together CASANZ members who have an interest in the development and/or application of air quality models