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Appendix B: Site-specific Meteorological Data Sets

Table B1 contains a list of site-specific meteorological data sets that have been generated for use in New Zealand. This list is not definitive and is intended only to be a guide to the number and type of data sets that have been developed in New Zealand.

As noted in section 6 of this guide, the meteorological data are a critical input into any dispersion modelling study. It is therefore very important that the modeller is satisfied that any particular meteorological data set contains good-quality information and has been produced using standard/recommended methods. For this reason the data sets listed here have been classified into one of two categories.

Classification A

Meteorological data sets that have been:

  • produced using recommended methods outlined in section 6
  • subjected to peer review
  • employed in a relatively large number of studies and resource consent applications.

Class A meteorological data sets are generally considered appropriate and robust for most applications in the relevant site.

Classification B

Meteorological data sets that have been:

  • produced using a variety of methods, some standard some non-standard
  • subject to limited or no peer review
  • used for a small number of specialised applications.

The limitations of Class B meteorological data sets should be carefully considered before using them in a particular study. It may be helpful to justify your selection of the data set in the study's methodology.

Table B1: Site Specific Meteorological Data Sets Available

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