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GEMS/AMIS Air Quality Monitoring Programme six month report January to June 2011

Publication date:  December 2011
Publication reference number:  ME 1086

This report contains six months of ambient (outdoor) air quality data from January to June 2011, measured from the Gavin Street, Penrose site in Auckland.

The GEMS monitoring sites were established to measure key air pollutants associated with adverse effects on people’s health and well-being.

In July 2011, air quality monitoring conducted by the Ministry for the Environment under the GEMS programme in Auckland ended. Air quality monitoring conducted in Christchurch ended in December 2010.

Regional councils and unitary authorities will continue to monitor and report on air quality in their regions. Local air quality information is available on your council’s website or by contacting them. The Ministry will continue to summarise this information and report it on our air environmental reporting web pages.