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Particles emitted into the air from sources such as vehicles, industries and domestic fires, can affect the amenity value of our environment. Larger particles (total suspended particulate or TSP) may cause nuisance effects such as soiling of property, while smaller particles such as PM10 can degrade the environment by forming unsightly smog and haze over towns and cities.

This technical background report reviews the amenity effects of particles (TSP and PM10) in New Zealand and examines their significance. It has been prepared to assist with the development of national environmental standards for air quality under the Resource Management Act 1991. The information contained in this report has been released for information only. It forms part of the section 32 analysis required for standards development. Four other technical background reports on particles are also available covering: emission inventory results, monitoring results and health effects.

I would like to thank all those councils who contributed data and information to the preparation of this report.


Barry Carbon
Chief Executive