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1 Introduction

Amenity effects associated with particle concentrations in New Zealand include visibility degradation (PM10), smoke and odour nuisance (PM10), dust nuisance (PM10 and Total Suspended Particulate (TSP)) and soiling and corrosion (PM10 and TSP). Measurements of the extent and frequency of these types of impacts are limited to visibility monitoring in a few areas and registers of complaints held by most regional councils. The latter system is limited as an indicator of extent and frequency of impact as many external factors (e.g. awareness or relationships with those responsible), may contribute to a person's desire to complain. A household survey is a more appropriate method of quantifying the extent of amenity impact of particles in any area. However, these data have not typically been collected to date.

This technical report comprises a review of the amenity impacts (types and extent) of PM10 and TSP concentrations in New Zealand.