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About the Ministry

The Ministry for the Environment works with others to identify New Zealand's environmental problems and get action on solutions. Our focus is on the effects people's everyday activities have on the environment, so our work programmes cover both the natural world and the places where people live and work.

We advise the Government on New Zealand's environmental laws, policies, standards and guidelines, monitor how they are working in practice, and take any action needed to improve them. Through reporting on the state of our environment, we help raise community awareness and provide the information needed by decision makers. We also play our part in international action on global environmental issues.

On behalf of the Minister for the Environment, who has duties under various laws, we report on local government performance on environmental matters and on the work of the Environmental Risk Management Authority and the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority.

Besides the Environment Act 1986 under which it was set up, the Ministry is responsible for administering the Soil Conservation and Rivers Control act 1941, the Resource Management Act 1991, the Ozone Layer Protection Act 1996, and the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996.

Head Office
Grand Annexe Building
84 Boulcott Street
PO Box 10-362
Wellington, New Zealand
Phone (04) 917 7400, fax (04) 917 7523

Northern Regions Office
8-10 Whitaker Place
PO Box 8270
Phone (09) 913 1640, fax (09) 913 1649

South Island Office
Level 4
Price Waterhouse Centre
119 Armagh Street
PO Box 1345
Phone (03) 963 0940; fax (03) 963 2050