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  • Cover of the New Zealand wastewater sector report
    February 2021
    The New Zealand wastewater sector report documents the challenges facing the wastewater sector in New Zealand. It describes the wastewater’s regulatory and service delivery elements, and examines issues affecting the sector. Read more
  • “Trigger” values for New Zealand rivers
    May 2000
    This report describes the approach taken for estimating the water quality 'trigger' values for ecosystem protection used in the 2000 revision of the Australian and New Zealand Guidelines for Fresh and Marine Water Quality (ANZECC 2000). The guidelines were revised in August 2018. Read more
  • Information on Water  Allocation in New Zealand PREPARED FOR  MINISTRY FOR THE ENVIRONMENT
    April 2000
    This report provides an information base about the status of water allocation in each New Zealand region, and the systems being used to allocate water. It was prepared for the Ministry for the Environment by Lincoln Environmental. Read more
  • New Zealand Periphyton Guideline: Detecting, Monitoring and Managing Enrichment of Streams
    June 2000
    A background review of the structure and value of periphyton communities in streams, factors controlling growth and composition of periphyton, and the effects of human activities on the community. Read more
  • Stream Periphyton Monitoring Manual
    December 2000
    The Stream Periphyton Monitoring Manual describes a standard set of methods for regional councils, consultants and researchers to collect and analyse data on periphyton for resource surveys, impact assessments/monitoring, state of environment reporting and research studies. Read more
  • Cover of Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Pilot Study
    January 2021
    This report describes a pilot study to validate methods and assess cost savings for the design of a large-scale replacement study of the 1998-2000 Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment. Read more