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  • Cover of Air quality NES factsheet
    July 2019
    This factsheet about our review of the Air Quality National Environmental Standard is one of 12 factsheets produced for the Environment Committee’s 2019/20 Estimates examination of Vote Environment.    Read more
  • Cover of the Waste Minimisation Fund leaflet
    February 2015
    Information about the Waste Minimisation Fund. Read more
  • enz07-air-info-sheet-jun08
    June 2008
    This is one in a series of information sheets providing a snapshot of the data in Environment New Zealand 2007, the second national-level state of NZ’s environment report. Each information sheet also provides tips about what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Read more
  • Publications About the Ministry Air quality Biodiversity Climate change Emissions trading Energy Fresh water Hazardous substances Land New and genetically modified organisms Oceans Resource efficiency research Resource management State of the environment
    January 2001
    This information sheet summarises the Ministry's reasons for reviewing the 1994 Ambient Air Quality Guidelines. Read more