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  • freshwater-infosheet-apr06
    April 2006
    In early 2005, the Government held meetings throughout New Zealand to discuss problems facing water management , and to identify possible solutions. This document summarises what we found out, and what we believe needs to be done to improve freshwater management in New Zealand. Read more
  • Using the Cultural Health Index: How to assess the health of streams and waterways Te whakamahi i te Kuputohu  Hauora Ahurea: Me pëhea te arotake i te hauora o ngä pükaki  me ngä awa wai
    February 2006
    The Cultural Health Index is a tool that Māori can use to assess and manage waterways in their area. This guide explains how to apply to Cultural Health Index from selecting sites and setting up a monitoring team, to calculating the index scores for the sites. Read more