Phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags

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Single-use plastic shopping bags are banned in New Zealand from 1 July

Single-use plastic shopping bags are banned in New Zealand. The ban began on 1 July 2019 when regulations came into force. Find out more about the ban 

About the ban

The ban applies to single-use plastic shopping bags under 70 microns in thickness. 

Find out more about the ban 

See Guidance for businesses on the ban

Minister's media release: Single-use plastic shopping bags ban kicks in [Beehive website]

Waste Minimisation (Plastic Shopping Bags) Regulations 2018 [New Zealand Legislation website]

About the public consultation 

Public consultation was held in 2018 on a mandatory phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags. Ninety-two percent of the people and organisations who had their say supported a mandatory nationwide phase out.

Over 9,300 people and organisations had their say on the consultation. 6,124 of those people and organisations did so through formal submissions. Of the formal submissions received, 4,159 were based on a form by Greenpeace. We also received over 3,225 responses to the Ministry for the Environment’s short online survey.

The unique submissions (including submissions from people who used a form template and added their own comments) are available in the tables below. Some information is withheld at the request of submitters and contact details of all submitters are withheld under section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act 1982.

The submissions names may contain some inconsistencies. If you note an inconsistency you would like fixed please email

View unique submissions (Listed in alphabetic order - organisation/surname):