CoGo is harnessing positive people power to change unsustainable business practises and over-consumption.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by products that use excess packaging, or businesses that follow wasteful, damaging practises, the CoGo app might be for you. It wants to encourage businesses to be better at caring for people and the planet. And it does this by connecting them with consumers who are consciously choosing how and where to spend their money.

On the app, consumers can select the values they’d like to see businesses adopt – everything from paying staff a living wage, and operating a transparent supply chain, through to offering vegan options and using low-emission vehicles.

The app acts like an ethical shopping companion, suggesting any local businesses already doing their bit.

Members also have the option to link payment cards to the app, allowing them to keep track of the money they spend at any CoGo-certified store.

In return, via anonymised data collected by the app, businesses can learn what their consumers’ priorities are, and by working with CoGo, discover how they can improve. More than 13,000 Kiwis have already joined up.

If you‘d like to tell businesses what type of world you want to live in, and highlight the practices you’re willing to support, download the CoGo app for free (on iOS and Android), and join the movement here.


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