Reforming the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Rules for auctioning

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The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is the Government’s main tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Government plans to introduce auctioning of New Zealand units to market participants as part of the  scheme.  The move would help Aotearoa New Zealand reach its domestic and international climate change targets.

The consultation did not include information or proposals regarding the volume of NZUs available for auction or the settings for NZ ETS price controls. Questions about these topics will be part of a subsequent consultation.

The consultation closed on 19 December 2019.

Next steps

  • Following the consultation period, we will prepare a report that summarises the submissions and make recommendations based on the submissions. Information on the publishing and releasing of submissions
  • We will then seek agreement from Ministers for policy decisions on the proposals. 
  • Following Cabinet approval of the policy decisions, officials will begin drafting new regulations.  

Review the proposals

Consultation document

Reforming the Emissions Trading Scheme: Rules for auctioning

The proposals in this consultation are to help drive emissions reductions. Read more about Proposed improvements to the NZ ETS.  

Public information sessions

We held public meetings on the proposals in early December.

Presentation slides shown at the public meetings [Powerpoint, 731 KB]

Webinar session on proposals [Zoom website]