Reducing harm from waste - product stewardship


New Zealand has one of the highest rates of household waste production per capita in the OECD. Yet New Zealanders are highly concerned about waste. We rank waste as one of the three topics we are most concerned about (Ministry for the Environment surveys 2018).

Regulatory product stewardship would make producers responsible for specified problematic products at the end of life. It would ensure the costs of proper waste management are paid by producers and consumers, not communities and the environment. 

The Government is proposing having regulated product stewardship for six priority products: tyres, electrical and electronic products, agrichemicals and their containers, refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases, farm plastics, and packaging (examples are shown above).

This consultation will determine which products are included in co-design of regulated product stewardship with business and other stakeholders. It will also set guidelines for the co-design process.

The consultation document sets out the proposals. See the summary.  

The consultation closed on Friday 4 October at 5pm.

Information sessions

We held public information sessions around New Zealand to discuss this and other proposals we were consulting on. Together, these proposals will help us protect our environment and address the issues raised in Environment Aotearoa 2019.

Information sessions we held

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