Implementation of the NZ Emissions Trading Scheme

Reference Number


Date published

Monday, July 15, 2019

Response Date

Thursday, June 13, 2019

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Details of the Request

• The dates at which various parts of the New Zealand economy (agriculture, forestry, industry, households etc) were given start dates and sequential percentage "step ups" over which time they would fully enter the ETS.
• The start date for entry, a revised start date (historical) and the current proposed
start date for each sector of the economy to enter the ETS are part of my request.
• For those sectors of the economy that did not have to go in at 100% initially, please specify the phase in period, by percentage increment with time and the final date by which that sector of the economy was or will be 100% in the ETS.
• The approach is likely to specify that certain sectors of the economy had multiple
start dates, which advanced into the future, and different end dates for when they would be 100% in the ETS. These various start dates are important for different
sectors; sheep, beef, dairy, forestry, viticulture, cropping, households, energy,
industrial activities etc.

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