Cost options for the zero carbon bill

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Monday, July 8, 2019

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

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A-Mod final results [Excel, 243 KB]

BF50 final results [Excel, 241 KB]

BF75 final results [Excel, 242 KB]

BNF50 final results [Excel, 243 KB]

BNF75 final results [Excel, 243 KB]

C(Wide) 30Mt final results [Excel,, 241 KB]

C(Wide) 40Mt final results [Excel, 242 KB]

C(Wide)80%-Int-$150 final results [Excel, 242 KB]

Forestry and processing impacts final results [Excel, 63 KB]

Industry value added summary final results [Excel, 87 KB]

NZIER final results summary across scenarios [Excel, 66 KB]

SQ final results [Excel, 243 KB]


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Could I please have a copy of any excel spreadsheets received from external economic consultancies that consider cost options for the zero carbon bill (either included or not included in the below RIS)? Could I also please have any explanatory cover emails or documents associated with these spreadsheets also. <

For example, the modelled economic impact and carbon price for net zero GHG, or net zero long lived gas with stabilised short lived gas, from agencies such as NZIER.

Please limit this to information received since August 2018.

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