Green GDP Growth

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

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Thursday, May 30, 2019

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1) What analysis has been carried out by Treasury or other relevant government agencies in regard to the level of GOP growth that would bei possible if NZ was to reduce emissions in accordance with 1. 5C maximum warming? Similarly, what analysis has been carried out for 2C maximum warming? Please describe and/or provide a copy of this analysis.
2) Below is a link to a recent paper titled "Is Green Growth Possible?"
https:l/ 1080/13563467. 2019. 1598964?needAccess=tr ue
For this question, "green growth" is defined as a situation where we achieve
''permanent absolute decoupling of carbon emissions from GOP, and at a rate rapid enough to prevent us from exceeding the carbon budget for 1. 5°C or 2°c."
Please refer to the conclusion on page 15 of the above paper. Please advise what rate of "green growth" (if any) would likely be possible in New Zealand for both 1.5C and 2C maximum warming scenarios. In particular, I am interested in the rate of "green growth" possible between now and 2030, and between now and 2050.
Please note that in referring to total emissions levels, it is important to consider the
'embodied emissions' from the goods consumed domestically which were manufactured overseas. Purely focusing on 'operative emissions' is unlikely to give a true picture of a country's emissions profile, particularly as a country moves to a more service based economy and manufacturing is offshored.

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