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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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Details of the Request

Under the Official Information Act, please provide the following information from 1996 onwards, or otherwise indicated, by calendar year:
• the effective provisions made by the Ministry for public participation in environmental planning and policy formulation processes with respect to fireworks
• the solicited and obtained information from any source, and conducted and supervised research, on fireworks. This includes consideration of the increasing amount of high density housing on the effects of fireworks.
• procedures for the assessment and monitoring of environmental impacts of fireworks
• pollution control and the co-ordination of the management of pollutants in the environment due to fireworks
• the number of breaches of the Resource Management Act 1991 relating to fireworks, and their associated costs, specifically sections:
o 13 Restriction on certain uses of beds of lakes and rivers
o 15 Discharge of contaminants into environment
o 15A Restrictions on dumping and incineration of waste or other matter in coastal marine area
o 16 Duty to avoid unreasonable noise
• under section 9(1) of the Hazardous Substances (Fireworks) Regulations 2001, the number of certificates relevant to retail fireworks packages, by each type

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