Workplace bullying at Ministry for the Environment

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Date published

Monday, April 8, 2019

Response Date

Friday, February 8, 2019

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Details of the Request

For the period between From 2014 -2018 (please provide information per year and region).

How many (formal and verbal) personal grievances and workplace bullying complaints have been laid by current/former staff /contractors at the Ministry for the Environment?

Please provide a general breakdown of the nature of the personal grievances and complaints - for example workplace bullying, or sexual harassment, employment related (performance).

How many were resolved?

How many of the complainants (broken down by reason) left on sick leave/ stress leave /anxiety/ PG /resigned etc as a result of their case?

How many were offered exit interviews?

How many took up an exit interviews?

How many still work for the Ministry?

What role was the alleged bully in - eg manager, supervisor, another employee.

Please provide a general breakdown of the nature of these complaints, per year?

For the same time period, by year, how many of the employee complaints were received by 'Human Resources'?

How many of those complaints were investigated internally by 'Human Resources'?

How many were made to an external organisation?

How many were externally investigated ?
Please provide the outcome of all investigations.

Has the ministry been made aware of any cases where suicide was a result of alleged bullying or was attempted/contemplated?

Does the Ministry have a bullying policy?

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