Upper Clutha Lakes and Catchments Community Water Management Project Plans

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Date published

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Response Date

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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Details of the Request

I note the name of the Plan/Project has been changed from Lake Wanaka and Upper Clutha Community Water Management Plan to Upper Clutha Lakes and Catchments Community Water Plan and ask on what grounds the project qualifies for the much expanded title.

Otherwise I request the following deliverables:

1.1.1 Governance Group Terms of Reference.

1.1.2 Copies of the Governance Group meeting minutes provided to MfE.

1.2.1 Community water values compilation document summary sent to MfE.

1.2.2 Notes and preliminary outcomes from the Water Forum held 10 April 2018.

1.3.1 Assessment of SABER activities and outcomes and how the projects will collaborate.

1.3.2 Agreed timeframes for the UCLCCWP to be informed by SABER values outputs.

1.4 Draft of UCLCCWP scoping document.

2.1.1 d) Detailed project information and photos for Million Metres provided to MfE.

3.1.1 a) The agenda, minutes and attendance list from the June workshop attended by Councils,

Research Institutes and Community.
b) An outline of the agreed research priorities in a concept form.

4.1.1 a) The list of all project team members including expected project milestones and

deliverables for all project teams

4.2.1 Copies of contracts executed for the FIF Project Manager, Administrator, Communications

Manager and UCLCCWP Water Plan Leader.

4.4.1 b) the Annual report.

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