Water Allocation Technical Advisory Group

Date published

Friday, January 25, 2019

Response Date

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Departmental / Ministerial



Technical Advisory Group (TAG) Water

Details of the Request


Ref: Article in the Press July 19th 2018.

Under the Official Information Act could you please forward a copy of following:

• A copy of the terms of reference for this "group of experts."

• The membership of this Committee.

• The number of meetings this group met. Mr Cagill is reported as saying the committee met between 6 and 12 times.

• The remuneration for each member attending meetings was $500. Please advise me of the total remuneration for the Committee. In addition to this $500 fee were committee members paid expenses (travel and accommodation) and if so what was the total amount.

• After 8 months of deliberations and meetings the Committee did not furnish a report to your Government. Could you advise me the reason for the failure to report?”