Phasing out single-use plastic shopping bags

Date: November 2018

This regulatory impact assessment looks at whether to confirm agreement in principle to a mandatory phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags and, if so:

  • the thickness of plastic shopping bags to be phased out and any exemptions
  • retailers covered by the phase out
  • timeframe before commencement (after Gazettal and before regulations take effect).

Correction to document

We made changes to the total number of submissions received (from 9,349 to 9,354) and the attribution of some submissions as either individual (from 1,809 to 1,798) or Greenpeace form submissions (from 4,159 to 4,173). These changes came about due to inconsistencies in how submissions had been classified that were identified during redaction of submissions for publication on our website. Associated numbers and figures in the text have been updated (where views were summarised by submitter type). All submissions were considered and the changes referenced here do not affect the overall support for the proposals that were consulted on.