Looking after water in your community

This page has information on how you can help look after water lakes, rivers and streams in your community.

Community projects

There are some great initiatives for getting ‘hands on’ in improving your local waterways. These include litter removal, riparian planting and wetland restoration.

To find events or initiatives in your region, check out:

Help prevent the spread of pests

Freshwater pests can be spread by your activities in and around waterways. If you're moving between waterways, you must clean all your gear using the 'Check, Clean, Dry' method.

For ways to prevent pests from spreading between rivers and lakes, see Boating & watersports and Check, clean, dry on the Ministry of Primary Industries website.

Get involved in freshwater management

Throughout the regional and district planning processes there are opportunities for communities to be involved. See Opportunities for community involvement on the How water is managed web page.

For consultations happening now — check out the consultation sections of our website, the Department of Conservation website and the Ministry of Primary Industries website. See also your local council websites to make submissions on plan changes or take part in collaborative management groups.

Thanks very much for your efforts! The environment appreciates it.