Funding the Iwi Leaders Forum

Date published

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Response Date

Friday, February 23, 2018

Additional notes

This request was further clarified on 24/01/2018 and 16/02/2018

Departmental / Ministerial




Details of the Request

  • Can MFE tell me how much funding the Iwi Leaders Forum/Chairs organisation has received from the ministry?
  • What has this money been used for?
  • Does MFE know the value for money it’s gotten for this funding?
  • Are there individuals contracted by the Forum to do work for it but paid for by the ministry?
  • How much have these individuals been paid?
  • I understand one of the individuals is Willie Te Aho…is this correct?
    • How much has he been paid?
    • What work has he been completed?
    • Can this data be broken down by year…going back five years please?”

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