Technical updates to the NZ ETS regulations - 2017

This page has information on the 2017 technical updates to NZ ETS regulations and links to the amendment regulations. 

About the technical updates

Public consultation on proposed amendments to New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) regulations was held in May 2017.  After considering feedback from the consultation, the Minister for Climate Change Issues approved drafting of the following amendment regulations. These were approved by Cabinet and published in the New Zealand Gazette on 24 August 2017.  

Amendment regulations with the technical updates

See the amendment regulations on the New Zealand Legislation website:

Climate Change (Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Levies) Amendment Regulations 2017

These amendments update the schedule of goods subject to the SGG Levy Regulations.The changes improve the coverage of the Levy by including goods containing certain gases that were not being imported when the schedule was last updated.

The amendments also incorporate the annual updates to the carbon price and the rates of levies.

Climate Change (Other Removals Activities) Amendment Regulations 2017

These amendments add two activities to the Other Removals Regulations to reflect emissions embodied in export products (formulated polyol used in polyurethane manufacture and natural gasoline produced as a by-product of natural gas processing).

Climate Change (Stationary Energy and Industrial Processes) Amendment Regulations 2017

These amendments update the default emission factors for natural gas so that gas purchasing participants are able to use the most up-to-date numbers for reporting.

The amendments include a definition of ‘bulk’ as it relates to bulk imports of hydrofluorocarbons or perfluorocarbons.

Climate Change (Unique Emission Factor) Amendment Regulations 2017

These amendments add clarity to the waste and geothermal regulations to improve accuracy (waste reporting) and to improve alignment with techniques used to measure geothermal steam flows.