Foundation for Arable Research - Protecting our Groundwater - Measuring and Managing Diffuse Nutrient Losses from Cropping Systems

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $485,168

Improving New Zealand’s understanding of groundwater flows.
This project will improve our understanding of groundwater flows nationally, by gathering data from a network of drainage meters in five regions under a range of mixed arable and horticultural rotations. Continual data collection for a three year period is proposed (resulting in a full term of data), as is the development of good management practice resources and validation of the accuracy of farm system models (OVERSEER).

Beef + Lamb New Zealand - Improving fresh water through enhanced outcomes on sheep and beef farms (Otago / Southland / Wairarapa / Hawke's Bay)

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $265,000

Improving fresh water through better outcomes on sheep and beef farms.
Farming community leaders, knowledge sharing events and farm environment plans will improve water quality on four priority sheep- and beef-dominated (hill country) catchments across New Zealand. Interventions include development of farm environment plans, establishing farming community leaders to promote good practice, running knowledge-sharing events (field-days, national workshops), and installing remote sensors in four catchments to enable real-time monitoring and evaluation of on-farm mitigations.