Canterbury Regional Council - Whakaora Te Ahuriri (the Restoration of Ahuriri)

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $1,257,996

A new wetland and improved habitat will ensure the future of Mahinga kai in the Ahuriri Lagoon and downstream Huritini/Halswell River.
Improvements to water quality and quantity are proposed as a pathway to improve the water quality of the associated catchments feeding Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere. Installation of a constructed wetland at Ahuriri Lagoon (to reduce nutrient and sediment flows) and the creation of an open water area to provide an improved habitat for mahinga kai.

Canterbury Regional Council -  Waikirikiri / Selwyn River: Near River Recharge Project

Project duration: 2 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $1,140,000

Restoration of a much valued community swimming spot and improved  aquatic habitat for native fish species and brown trout.
An off-take for long-term access to water from the Central Plains Water (CPW) scheme pipeline will be installed to significantly improve water quantity and quality of Waikirikiri/Selwyn River system (including the Hororata, Irwell and Selwyn Rivers as well as their nearby wetlands and Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere).  The pipeline will result in the restoration of cultural and ecological values, and community swimming sites.

Water & Wildlife Habitat Trust - Snake Creek Restoration Project 

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $295,590

Improving Snake Creek water quality will protect one of the main trout spawning grounds in the Selwyn catchment.
The creek flows into the Selwyn River/Waikirikiri and was historically managed as a drain. The diversity of species in the creek has reduced, and elevated E. Coli attributed to pollutants from the Silverstream catchment. The project will establish sediment traps and other sediment mitigation measures, re-batter stream banks and plant native grasses, and deepen a well to ensure the creek’s water quantity.