Hawke’s Bay

Hawkes Bay Regional Council - Te Waiū o Tūtira - the milk of Tūtira

Project duration: 4 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $1,577,781

Improvements for Lakes Tūtira and Waikōpiro.
Pressures including erosion, excessive nutrient loading, poor water flow, loss of connectivity and restricted fish passage have negatively affected the mauri of Lakes Tūtira and Waikōpiro. This project will develop an Integrated Catchment Management Plan, develop and implement farm environmental management plans throughout the catchment, reconnect Papakiri Stream to Lake Tūtira, install an oxygenation system and implement a mauri monitoring program.

Hawkes Bay Regional Council -  Sunshine, wetlands and bees will revitalise the taonga of Whakaki 

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $1,358,044

Sunshine, wetlands and bees will revitalise the taonga of Whakaki.
Whakaki is the largest freshwater lagoon on the east coast of the North Island and has a Sites of Special Wildlife Interest (SSWI) ranking of “high”. This project proposes a recirculating wetland, the establishment of 80Ha of mānuka plantation and complete stock exclusion from the lagoon’s perimeter. Irrigation of mānuka will occur from the silt-laden water to produce high value honey.

Tawapata South Incorporated -  Onenui restoration project

Project duration: 4 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $260,331

Fencing and retiring farmland to improve water quality at Onenui Station.
Erosion and faecal contamination from stock accessing waterways have led to degradation of waterways throughout the 3500 Ha Onenui Station. This project will fence and retire substantial farmland, develop reticulated water supplies for stock and undertake erosion control work.

Ngāti Pāhauwera Development Trust Ltd - Te Awaawa Stream Restoration

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $300,000

Bringing back the health of Te Awaawa Stream to protect its cultural significance.
Te Awawa stream has significant cultural importance to the whanau/hapū of Ngāti Pāhauwera as a food source and place of ritual importance. These values are being threatened by forestry and farming practices within the catchment. The Trust will restore the health of the catchment and uplift the mauri of the Te Awaawa Stream by establishing a research and observation centre to provide educational information for the public, undertaking cultural monitoring, stock exclusion fencing, landowner liaison and riparian planting.