Manawatu – Whanganui

Horizons Regional Council - The Lake Waipu Freshwater Improvement project

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $875,000

Addressing wastewater discharge into Lake Waipu.
Lake Waipu is at risk of tipping from a macrophyte-dominated lake to an algal-dominated lake; this project will remove the direct discharge of treated wastewater to the lake and apply wastewater to land. Monitoring will enable assessment of whether additional interventions are required to restore lake health.

Horizons Regional Council -  Manawatu Awa Freshwater Improvement Project

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $2,929,000

250km of fencing, plant 200,000 native plants, install 20 fish passes and 45 community projects for Manawatu River.
This project focuses on the whole of the Manawatū Catchment and parts of the Rangitīkei Catchment, which have declined due to pressures from point source discharges and intensive land use. Funding will be used to undertake 250km of fencing, plant 200,000 native plants, install 20 fish passes, deliver a cultural monitoring programme and enable 45 community-led restoration projects.

Horizons Regional Council - The Ngā Wai Ora o te Whangaehu Freshwater Improvement project

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $590,000

60km of fencing, 12,000 native plants, five fish passes and 10 community projects for Whangaehu.
Whangaehu Catchment is vulnerable due to its geology, and point source discharges into the two main catchment tributaries (Makotuku and Mangawhero Rivers). This project proposes 60 km fencing to prevent stock access, riparian planting of 12,000 native plants, five fish pass repairs and 10 community-led restoration projects.

Horowhenua 11 (Lake) Part Reservation Trust -  Lake Horowhenua Water Quality Improvement Project

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $842,750

Increasing cultural and scientific information for Lake Horowhenua.
This project proposes to increase the body of cultural and scientific information about the quality and movement of groundwater within the catchment, assessment and flushing of the stormwater system, establishment of a silt interceptor, shallow groundwater monitoring and implementation of two cultural monitoring programme activities.     

Lowe Environmental Impact Limited - Water quality improvement in the Waiwiri catchment

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $607,173

Mānuka and kānuka to replace pines as part of redesign of Horowhenua’s Waiwiri catchment.
The exotic pine plantation surrounding the “Pot” in Horowhenua’s Waiwiri catchment is spray irrigated with treated effluent from Levin’s wastewater treatment plan. The project will re-design the irrigation infrastructure and replace 10Ha pine forest with mānuka/kānuka and other native species to limit contaminants entering the drain and subsequently the Waiwiri Stream. Monitoring of groundwater will be undertaken to quantify the benefits of the new system.