Partnership of Waikato Regional Council, Department of Conservation, Waikato-Tainui,  Nga Muka Development Trust and Waahi Whaanui Trust - Water quality and habitat enhancement of Lake Whangape (administered by the Department of Conservation)​

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $900,643

Addressing aggressive alligator weed to improve Lake Whangape.
Sedimentation and nutrient loading from intensive dairying, coupled with aggressive spread of alligator weed has led to a decline in lake water quality and habitat of Lake Whangape. This project will restore the health of the lake and associated wetlands through fencing to exclude stock, revegetation of lake margins and wetlands, accelerated alligator weed containment and the implementation of a Kaitiaki Monitoring Framework.

In partnership with Waikato Regional Council - Ngā Kaitiaki o te Awa o Pūniu

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $740,995

Ngā Kaitiaki o te Awa o Pūniu plan to improve water quality along a 16km stretch of the Pūniu River.
This project aims to improve water quality, the mauri of the awa as well as helping to restore indigenous fish habitat and terrestrial biodiversity. Activities include riparian fencing to exclude stock, erosion protection works, planting 160,000 native trees and the creation of a bilingual, open-source guide for marae-based restoration to enable growth in the development of other new organisations undertaking similar activities.