Northland Regional Council - Northland Dune Lakes Strategic Water Quality Improvement

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $782,975

Project for rare Dune lakes in Northland to address invasive pests and weeds.
The Dune lakes in Northland are a globally rare ecosystem. Water quality and quantity is being affected by pastoral and dairy farming. It also faces biosecurity threats from invasive pest species. The project will introduce a systematic approach to improving 25 affected lakes. Interventions include nutrient modelling and mitigation measures (such as fencing, sediment retention bunds and riparian planting), macrophyte aquaculture, biosecurity surveys, removal of pest fish and water-weeds.

Northland Regional Council Northern Wairoa Freshwater Improvement Project

Project duration: 5 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $1,253,500

Landowners key to setting up sustainable land management practices in the Wairoa river.
This project will reduce sediment and bacteria levels in the Wairoa River and its tributaries by working with landowners to set up sustainable land management practices informed by mātauranga Māori. The project will employ two land management advisors, develop farm plans, and undertake fencing, wetland enhancement, soil conservation and monitoring activities.

Waimahae Marae - Nga Waimāori o Waimahae

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $242,748

Project with four creeks flowing into the Kaipara Harbour aims to restore freshwater quality to that of 30 years ago.
This project will focus on the three creeks which flow to the west coast and the Kaipara Harbour, and four creeks which flow to the east coast and the Taumarere River. The project will restore freshwater life and quality to that of 30 years ago through stream re-battering, installation of debris structures, water reticulation for stock, fencing margins and riparian planting.

Te Roroa Centre of Excellence Restoration of the Waipoua awa

Project duration: 3 years
Freshwater Improvement Fund contribution: $240,000

Undoing the impacts of farming and the legacy from forestry to improve the mauri of the Waipoua Awa.
Sediment, E. coli, nutrients from pastoral farming and legacy effects from the forestry industry are all impacting on the mauri of the Waipoua Awa. The project will establish an integrated management plan to inform the collaborative management of the river, fence headwater tributaries and wetlands to exclude stock, identify and protect eroded areas to reduce sediment run-off and provide instream habitat for native fish species.