First set of national planning standards and supporting information

National planning standards have been introduced to improve the consistency of council plans and policy statements. This page has the first set of national planning standards and supporting information.

First set of national planning standards

The Minister for the Environment and the Minister of Conservation released the first set of national planning standards on 05 April 2019.

See RMA plans will be easier to make and understand [Beehive website].

Supporting information for the first set 

Guidance for 2K electronic accessibility and functionality standard  — data standards

Guidance for implementing data standards on open data (16.A.2ci-ii) is available from  This website provides information on creative commons licences, clarifies what machine readable, non-proprietary format means and  provides step by step guides for listing/uploading datasets.  

Guidance for implementing the datums and projections standards (16.A.2ciii-iv) is available from  This includes information on the New Zealand Geodetic Datum and New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 and New Zealand Vertical Datum 2016.  It also includes specific guidance for local authorities on convert existing datum to NZVD 2016.  LINZ are available to support councils in this process.   

Advice to Ministers and Cabinet papers

Cabinet papers

National Planning Standards: Report back on consultation, changes, approval and implementation

National Planning Standards: Approval to consult


19-B-05213 Final decisions on the National Planning Standards

2019-B-05325  National Planning Standards – Consultation with Ministers

2019-B-05262 National Planning Standards – Confirming approach to coastal matters and rural zones

2018-B-05142 National Planning Standards: main briefing to confirm drafting

2018-B-04984 Implementation timeframes for the first set of National Planning Standards: submissions and some recommended variations

2018-B-04860 National Planning Standards – spatial layers and zone framework

2018-B-04923 Update on submissions and upcoming briefings

2018-B-04385 National Planning Standards – approval for consultation

18-B-04172 National Planning Standards – implementation timeframes and support for implementation

18-B-04175 Agreement sought on the scope of the first set of national planning standards and a formal consultation process

17-13 -03953 Update on progress towards developing the first set of national planning standards