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Preparing for coastal change fact sheet series

Publication date:  December 2017
Publication reference number:  INFO 778a-g

The following fact sheets have been developed to accompany Preparing for coastal change: A summary of coastal hazards and climate change guidance for local government, and provide further information on elements of coastal processes.

Fact sheet Title Description
1 Coastal erosion [PDF, 390 KB] Information on coastal erosion, which will be affected by climate change and sea-level rise.
2 Coastal flooding due to storms [PDF, 469 KB] An outline of the process of coastal flooding caused by storms, a hazard that will be affected by climate change and sea-level rise.
3 Components of coastal sea level [PDF, 268 KB] An outline of the components which make up sea level at the coast.
4 Tides around New Zealand [PDF, 341 KB] Information about tides around New Zealand, and how they influence sea level.
5 Storm surge [PDF, 380 KB] An outline of the processes that create storm surge, which can contribute to flooding at the coast.
6 Waves [PDF, 297KB] Information on waves around New Zealand.
7 Sea-level rise [PDF, 288 KB] Information on sea-level rise: what has happened so far, and what may happen in the future.