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Priorities for national direction

This page sets out information on the priorities for national direction which will be addressed using tools available within the Resource Management Act.

About the priorities for national direction 

The legislative tools that sit under the Resource Management Act are used to set a consistent direction on topics of national importance. These legislative tools for national direction are national policy statements, national environmental standards and regulations for administrative matters. 

A list of priorities (see A way forward for national direction - 2016) which will be addressed by national direction under the RMA was published in September 2016. The purpose of the list is to give communities, businesses and councils more certainty about what national direction is being progressed and when that direction might be completed. Each priority topic will go through a formal development process, including public consultation and submissions. 

For up-to-date information on priorities see the relevant topic section.

This page will be updated when a new list of priorities is published.