Consultation on setting New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change target


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The Government is seeking views on New Zealand’s post-2020 climate change contribution under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

About the consultation

In December 2015, countries will meet in Paris to establish a new international climate change agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

An important part of the agreement will be the individual contributions each country makes to address climate change. Specifically, all countries have been asked to put forward a target to reduce emissions after 2020 ahead of the negotiations in Paris. These are known as intended nationally determined contributions.

Read the discussion document which explains the main issues and describes New Zealand’s situation.

Submissions closed at 5.00pm on Wednesday 3 June 2015.

Public consultation

Public consultation on New Zealand's target occurred during the period 7 May–3 June 2015. During the submission period 15 public meetings and hui were held across New Zealand and 17,023 written submissions were received from 15,639 submitters.

Of these, 1,485 submissions were unique (ie, completed through the Ministry's online webform or by writing an individual response by email/letter). The remainder of submissions were 'form' submissions (ie, drafted by particular organisations/groups and submitted by individuals).

Summary of public submissions

View a summary of public submissions on the target. 

View unique submissions (alphabetical order by surname/organisation name):

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View a copy of each 'form' submission drafted by a particular organisation/group

Organisation/group Format Number of 'form' submissions received
Green Party of Aotearoa [PDF, 38.3 KB] 7,147 
Greenpeace New Zealand [PDF, 39.7 KB] 4,958 
Generation Zero [PDF, 43.9 KB] 3,342
Deconstructing Paris [PDF, 89.1 KB] 107 Movement [PDF, 38.1 KB] 102 

The number of unique submissions published online and number of 'form' submissions received does not add up to the total 17,023 submissions the Ministry received. This is because some submissions included both the standard organisation 'form' text as well as substantial additional unique information. These have been published individually and counted in the 'form' submission number.

Material released as part of the consultation process includes:

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