Low emissions scenario: 0.6 °C warmer by 2040 and 0.6 °C warmer by 2090.


High emissions scenario: 0.9 °C warmer by 2040 and 2.8 °C warmer by 2090.


Dunedin is expected to have 2 per cent more annual rainfall by 2040 and 4 per cent more by 2090. Queenstown is expected to have 5 per cent more annual rainfall by 2040 and 11 per cent more by 2090.


Winter rainfall is likely to increase by 7 per cent in Dunedin and 15 per cent in Queenstown by 2090.

Sealevel Rising sea levels and storm surge will increase the risk of salt-water intrusion in low-lying coastal areas. There may be increased risk to coastal roads and infrastructure from coastal erosion and inundation, increased storminess and sea-level rise.
Snow Significant decreases in snowfall are projected. By the end of the century, the number of snow days experienced annually could decrease by as much as 30-40 days in some parts of the region.

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