West Coast


Low emissions scenario: 0.7 °C warmer by 2040 and 0.6 °C warmer by 2090.

High emissions scenario: 1.0 °C warmer by 2040 and 3.0 °C warmer by 2090.

Rain The West Coast is likely to be wetter, particularly in winter and spring. In Hokitika, winter rainfall is likely to increase by 19 per cent by 2090. Very heavy rainfall events are likely to become more frequent throughout the region.
Sealevel There may be increased risk to coastal roads and infrastructure from coastal erosion and inundation, increased storminess and sea-level rise.
Cyclone There may be an increase in the frequency of westerly winds over the South Island, particularly in winter and spring.
Some increase in storm intensity, local wind extremes and thunderstorms is likely to occur in the New Zealand region.

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