Low emissions scenario: 0.7 °C warmer by 2040 and 0.7 °C warmer by 2090.


High emissions scenario: 1.0 °C warmer by 2040 and 3.0 °C warmer by 2090.


There is likely to be little change in annual rainfall in Christchurch and Hanmer by the end of the century. In Tekapo, annual rainfall is likely to increase by 5 per cent by 2040 and 7 per cent by 2090.


Winter rainfall is likely to decrease by 6 per cent in Christchurch and 5 per cent in Hanmer, but increase by 16 per cent in Tekapo by 2090.

Cyclone There may be an increase in the frequency of westerly winds over the South Island, particularly in winter and spring.
Snow Significant decreases in snowfall are projected.  The number of snow days may decrease by up to 30 days per year by the end of the century.

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