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Key contributors

Ministry for the Environment

Sonia Petrie (National Inventory Compiler)

Simon Wear (Agriculture)

Richard Nottage (LULUCF)

Scott Gulliver (Waste)

Toni Wilson (QA/QC)

Ministry of Economic Development

Kennie Tsui and Darren Evans

(Energy and Industrial Processes-CO2)

Technical contributors and contracted specialists

Industrial processes sector

Wayne Hennessy and Deborah Maxwell, CRL Energy Ltd (non-CO2 emissions, synthetic greenhouse gases and solvents)

Agriculture sector

Harry Clark, AgResearch; Gerald Rys and David Lillis, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Land use change and forestry sector

Steve Wakelin, Ensis; Paul Lane, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Waste sector

Tom Wetherill and Woody Xaio, Waste Management NZ

The Ministry for the Environment acknowledges the many valuable contributions provided by experts from industry, central and local government and science organisations in the development of this inventory.